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Hi Travel‘s Travel Travel Company organizes tourist trips good price package and abroad, designed the tour for each customer‘s needs, organize thematic tours (Cultural Tourism, ecological Tourist, tourism, medical tourism, Pilgrimage tourism, travel Adventures, Tourism School, Tourism About Power .) providing travel services part (restaurant, hotels, tourist rentals, car procession, wedding car ), the service provides domestic airfares and international. At the same time we also organized a workshop, Customer conference, MICE, Travel combines Fair-Exhibition

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Hi Travel specializes in organizing tours at home and abroad, the tour is designed according to each customer's requirements .....

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Hi Travel- Providing car rental, car rental weddings, car rental conference reception ....

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Hi Travel - Proud to be agents of grade I airlines at home and abroad, providing service to customers optimal ....

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Wherever you are in the country of Vietnam or in the world, you will enjoy the quick service and optimum reach of online booking services of Hi Travel ....



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Trên nền nhạc hòa tấu ca khúc Hello Viet Nam (Xin chào! Việt Nam), clip Welcome to Viet Nam có độ dài hơn 7 phút, tạo ấn tượng đặc biệt với người xem nhờ những cảnh quay bằng flycam, giới thiệu đầy đủ hình ảnh của đất nước Việt Nam trải dài từ Bắc chí Nam với nhiều khung cảnh hùng vĩ.